Nova Gradiska

The history of Axereal Croatia

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In 2001, Axereal bought the Poljoprivredno prehrambeni kompleks Ltd. for agricultural production. During past 17 years we have developed a malting barley program that meets the needs of the company Slavonia Slad Ltd. for prime raw material in the production of top malt. The cooperative has expanded over the years to other cultures. In 2018, commercial activity and trade are completely transferred to the sister company Axereal Croatia.

The agri-food complex is a proud bearer of the tradition of field crops and agricultural activities in the vicinity of Nova Gradiška. Our company has been part of the French Axereal Group since 2001, which includes 100 different companies in several countries. Our head office is in Nova Gradiška. The main activity of the company is propagation and production of seeds of high yielding varieties of barley, wheat and soybeans in the fields around Nova Gradiška.


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The production activity of Axereal in Croatia is unique since on our own multiplication site we grow our own seed production on its own acreage. On 2,6 thousand hectares we produce more than 5 thousand tons of wheat seed, barley seed, soybeans seed. On the basis regulation compliance Axereal offers to its producers and contracting partners certified seed from quality controlled origins.

In our experimental fields, we select the best domestic and foreign varieties, in order to provide our producers and partners with certified seed of controlled origin through our sister company Axereal Croatia. We propagate basic and certified seeds: winter and spring barley, wheat and soybeans of domestic and foreign seed companies.

We operate in cooperation with the company ISTERRA HRVATSKA in the field of seed production.

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Nova Gradiska

Our main production

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Wheat seeds
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Barley seeds
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Soybean seeds