Micro-granulated fertilizer


Micro-granulated fertiliser

Micro-granulated fertiliser

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A complete solution applying micro granulated fertilizer at the same time as sowing.

During the sprouting, some nutrients are not available to plants, and the part is in an inaccessible form. The aim is to place Loc’Ax fertilizer as close to seed as possible to maximize the use of all nutrients. Loc’Ax positioned in sowing layer increases the accessibility of phosphorus.

The composition is defined in the nutritional tests of the company and meets the needs of different plant species because it contains the nutrients needed for young plants, which are otherwise not available (nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, micro elements).

N – 12 %, P2O5 – 41 %, MgO – 2 %, SO3 – 5 % , Cu – 0,08 %, Mn – 1 %, Zn – 0,2 %

Using Loc’Ax you achieved:

  • The uniform germination
  • A faster and more robust root development
  •  Improved potential utilization of nutrients

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