Why sow certified seeds?


The beginning of every autumn grain production is the sowing of certified and high-quality seeds of carefully selected varieties.

In our multiplication center, natural seeds are mechanically and optically cleaned of impurities and diseases, stunted grains. By high-quality application of plant protection agents, seeds are protected from plant diseases that are transmitted by seeds. Professional seed treatment agents act on a surface of the seed, preventing the germination of spores of phytopathogenic fungi and at the same time have a systemic effect, and in this way we obtain fully protected seeds. Newer generations of fungicides for seed treatment, in addition to having a systemic effect on the seeds themselves, also have a prolonged effect on young sprouted crops. In this way, the need for fungicidal treatments at the beginning of the growing season is reduced. In problematic production seasons, such as the season behind us, you should be especially careful when choosing high-quality seed. By sowing non-certified and non-quality processed seeds, we reduce the chance of achieving success in production right from the start. By sowing such seeds, we achieve weaker results in germination, sprouting and initial crop growth, the costs of fungicidal protection in the vegetation are also increased and the possibility of achieving maximum yield results is reduced.

Don't delay your success, this season sow Axereal's wheat and barley varieties processed in our multiplication center.


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